Why Your Business Should Have Employee Testing

employee alcohol testingTrust and confidentiality between you and your employees means everything to a business owner. For the most part, once you’ve chosen quality employees, you typically don’t have to think about drug testing. However, sometimes incidents at work can cause owners to think twice about it. Testing employees for drugs and alcohol might seem awkward to bring up to your employees, but it actually benefits your business in the long run. Here’s why:

It ensures that quality work is being done. Employees that are impaired are not focused on their work. They could overlook crucial steps that can in turn produce a product that is not up to the quality standards of your business. Customers, both loyal and new, know when work isn’t quality and when to take their business elsewhere.

It can lower overall costs. Having sick employees means more time off and more medical charges. This then can affect productivity, employment turn over, and your bottom line. Having healthy employees not only makes a happier workplace, but a more productive and resourceful one!

It increases safety in the workplace. Employees that are impaired can be a hazard to other employees or customers. This is especially true if your business uses heavy machinery or tools. Be sure to review common safety practices frequently and make sure employees are aware of conditions in their environment.

Testing your employees is a proactive step to cut unnecessary costs and prevent liability concerns. What’s great is that work place screenings, such as employee alcohol testing, are easier to do than you think. Contact OccWell for more information on drug, alcohol and other wellness screenings today!