The Importance of Workforce Drug Screening Services

Our workforce drug screening services — Covering your staff with nationwide testing

Personal cleanliness and sobriety are the hallmarks of a competent and productive workforce. You depend on your employees to make smart choices and work to the best of their ability. For this reason, Occwell hosts a nationwide testing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and more than 6,000 other clinics around the country.

Our extensive collection site network ensures you have dependable access to workforce drug screening services whenever you need them. Save time, money, and reduce the risk of liability with our accurate workforce drug screening services.

Occwell: Committed to Creating Healthy Workplaces Everywhere

Drug and alcohol testing is a simple and objective way to ensure your employees adhere to your terms of employment. It also builds confidence in your clients and shows them that your organization is committed to a culture of integrity and personal responsibility. Workforce members that use drugs and have other types of substance dependencies can cause serious consequences for a workplaces and business owners. Not only that, companies that use workforce drug screening services are viewed as more trustworthy and better to do business with.

When you work with us, you gain convenient access to a variety of screenings that test for common controlled substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Whether you need to host screenings as a condition for employment, or in order to enforce your company’s policies, we are available to help fulfill the mission of your organization.

While it is vitally important to conduct background tests before or at the time of employing a person, it is equally important to conduct regular testing to maintain a drug-free workplace. This helps businesses and other organizations maintain a healthy work environment, which is also conducive to enhanced productivity and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Workplace and workforce safety is another reason why screening is so important. Some studies demonstrate that as many as half of accidents that happen on the job are related in some way to employee drug use. Not only do workforce drug screening services make the workplace a safer place, it can also help to improve quality of life for an organization’s employees and their families.