The Importance of Occupational Health and Wellness

Occwell Helps You Create Healthy Work Environments

A happier workforce means a better workspace atmosphere, higher morale, and more satisfied people on your team. Healthier personnel mean better productivity and lower health care costs to the company as well.

For nearly two decades now, we at Occwell have been helping companies improve employee health outcomes by in depth assessments and healthy workplace initiatives leading to disease prevention and other positive outcomes. Read on to learn how our occupational health and wellness service can help you and your employees.

How Our Services Can Help

Engaging our on-site wellness services through our occupational health and wellness business can have dual beneficial impacts: (a) helping to identify and target potential problems to result in less time taken off for health reasons and resultant lost productivity (b) reduction of health care costs to the company as well as a return on investment (savings that can quadruple in just two years). There is the added benefit of sending out the message of “a company that cares” to employees, thereby improving employee morale and helping create a workspace that helps to retain talent.

A Holistic, Employee Centered Approach to Occupational Health and Wellness

Over the years our team has formulated wellness solutions that work to give better results. We look not only at the physical health of employees but also their mental wellness and further examine workspace environments and their potential impacts on these.

Our three-step occupational health and wellness program consists of risk assessments, surveys, biometric screening, and personalized consultations. It helps define risk so that effective solutions can be customized based on several key health indicators. As a result of the comprehensive assessment protocols, it is possible to formulate goals and an easy-to-follow plan of action.

Follow up appointments can be opted for in case of significant health risk detection. The data collected by these programs can offer valuable pointers for the future as well.

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