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How On-Site Health Care Can Boost Your Business

on-site employee health testingProviding opportunities for your employees to receive on-site healthcare might seem like an expensive investment. Many think that by just providing health care options alone, employees have enough to do the best work and have a great work/life balance. However, providing on-site healthcare can benefit your business and employees a lot more than you think. These are some things that you might not have thought of when considering on-site employee health services:

Health care expenses go down. By providing options for onsite health care, employees are more likely to take preventive health measures. Things like on-site employee health testing, referrals to other specialists, and incentives for getting screenings push your employees to take steps early. This way, they are ahead of any possible problems that can cause major expenses to themselves or the business.

Less sick days are used. Again, if employees start to feel sick, they have the convenient option of seeing someone right away. They don’t have to worry about taking time off to see a doctor or because they are too sick to work. Your employees are happier because they aren’t using their precious PTO on being sick and you have a full workforce.

Overall, you have happier employees. Employees like when their jobs make their lives more convenient. Letting employees do things like see a doctor while at work or being able to work from home in the event a family member is sick.  When employees are happy and healthy, their work products are at their best. Also, having a healthy happy team means they are collaborative and creative.

Taking some steps to provide healthcare solutions in the workplace might seem costly at first, but the return on investment will be worth it. For more workplace screenings and on-site employee health testing, visit OccWell.com today!