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A Benefit of Corporate Drug Testing

Mobile Drug Testing Services | Occwell.comWhen you run a business, it’s important that you have a dedicated crew working for you. Any individual on drugs can be a drag on the rest of your team. Whether you run a large corporate organization or a small business, it’s important to invest in quality drug testing services. The team at Occwell is here to provide you with exceptional mobile drug testing services.

One of the biggest benefits of doing random drug testing is that you are able to show the public and your shareholders that your team has a clear head and is always safe while on the job. Any business that employs people doing drugs faces safety risks that could mean trouble for your business, customers, and other employees. Our organization provides a wide array of testing services for your needs, including tests for drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methadone, and other problematic, addictive substances. These tests are vital for any business, including companies with employees that drive trucks, perform sensitive procedures, or operated heavy machinery.

It doesn’t matter if you you have reasonable suspicions that your employees are using drugs or are just following company policies, the specialists at Occwell are ready to assist you. Contact us at (513) 453-4503 to inquire about our services. We are based in Cincinnati, OH, but offer nationwide services.

Do You Have to Report Drug Use Among Your Staff?

mobile drug testing servicesDrug use causes problems for a company both when the drugs are brought onto the premises and when the employees engage in drug use entirely off site. Addiction impacts your workers’ level of productivity and can cause issues for your company. When it comes to reporting drug abuse to the authorities, your company’s liability only goes so far.

Test Employees Regularly

The best way to discourage drug use among your staff is mobile drug testing services. OCCWELL can make regular visits to your company; whether or not your staff knows about the testing in advance, this should decrease their likelihood to do drugs in the first place, knowing their job is on the line.

Protecting Your Company

If we find evidence of drug use and you don’t find any illegal drugs on the premises, you do not have to report it to authorities. However, our tests may prove integral to protect your company in the event of a lawsuit; it’s proof that you had the right to dismiss the worker regardless of other performance. You can’t fire anyone on the guess that she’s doing illicit drugs off-site.

On-Site Use

If you find illicit drugs on-site, you should report the findings to police. Don’t confiscate it unless you think the worker will then hide the drugs, as you want the police to be able to identify who has the drugs and how much. Ask your human resources department about protocols to take to search a staff member’s locker or desk when you suspect drug use. You cannot search their vehicles even when parked on your property, although you can report suspicions to the police and have them decide whether or not to search.

Rely on OCCWELL to help you identify a staff member who’s abusing drugs so you can replace them with a more productive worker — but also encourage that person to get the help he needs.