Reasons to Require Drug Testing Before Hiring

workforce drug screening servicesMost business owners and company managers don’t like being invasive when it comes to employees’ privacy, especially before a person has even officially become a member of the staff. However, when it comes to knowing whether or not a prospective employee tests positive for drug use, you absolutely should ascertain this before you let the person sign an employee contract.

Consider the benefits of a pre-hiring drug screening, especially if you hire a number of people at once.

It’s Easy to Make Happen

The workforce drug screening services we offer at OCC Well are available on a “pop up” basis via one of our mobile testing facilities. Arranging such a test is as simple as can be. Since we perform the tests in our mobile lab, we will not pose any disturbance to the running of your business. You can even have the test alongside a job fair where you plan to make offers of employment the same day.

It Results in a More Productive Work Environment

Employees who arrive on the job sober are more likely to produce better work. Drugs can not only make employees ill, but they can also disrupt focus and change their emotional state, which you don’t want clients and co-workers to be exposed to. It makes sense to require your staff to remain drug-free and to perform a test to ensure your new hires are of a like mind.

It’s Not Overly Invasive

When you rely on the experts to perform the drug tests, it’s minimally invasive. We collect a small sample in a matter of seconds and only share the results with you and the person receiving the test once she’s granted permission to share.

Contact OCC Well to learn more about pre-employment testing services that will ensure your company provides a more productive work environment. We also suggest regular tests of existing employees in case someone sobers up for the initial test only or someone turns to drugs at a later time.