Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

Cases of reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing might be in order for your workplace. Especially if you suspect some workers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if an accident has happened, and you might need to assess if the accident was because the worker was inebriated. If you are a manager, it is important to maintain the occupational health and wellness of your workers, but also potential customers.

When Is Alcohol and Drug Testing Vital

If your employees are operating heavy equipment, serving customers in any capacity, or handling large projects, alcohol and drug testing should be part of your human resources policy. In fact, this has become standard policy for many corporations in the United States. It’s no joke when it comes to protecting other employees and your reputation in the business community.

Types of Alcohol and Drug Testing

It depends on your business, but you can do reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing a few ways. One is to have scheduled appointments for your employees. Another is to do random testing that is unscheduled for employees but booked in advance with the testing company. If time is of the essence, we can also dispatch mobile units to come immediately and administer testing right on the spot.

DOT and Non-DOT Testing Services

If your industry is transport related, a reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing service will offer DOT testing, in accordance with the Department of Transportation. Never be unsure about your drivers again. If your industry is unrelated to transportation, you should be ordering non-DOT testing for your staff.

Employee Physicals

If your industry concentrates on physically fit employees, consider administering your own physicals for recording and human resources purposes. Included in any employee physical is alcohol and drug testing.

Post-Accident Testing

Should a terrible accident occur, we suggest mobile testing the employees involved. Traffic accidents or incidents involving equipment operation can often be traced to operator error, with alcohol or drugs being a potential factor.

Occwell believes in supporting occupational health and wellness in the workplace. Regular physicals, drug testing, and alcohol testing promote cleanliness, productivity, and overall health awareness among your staff. We have helped industries promote work safety since 1998. Call us at 513-453-4503 or email at to book your reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing today.