Get Results Quickly with 24/7 Mobile Response Drug Testing

Towaway ZoneEnsure the continued safety and normal operation of your organization with 24/7 mobile drug testing with Occwell. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we provide responsive post-accident drug testing services for a wide variety of industries. When you work with us, you are better able to enforce your company’s drug and alcohol policies. Our testing solutions are administered quickly and collect accurate results.

When an accident happens, it is necessary to isolate the cause of the problem and exercise proper discretion. Often, accidents occur due to user negligence as a result of operating under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The normal operations of your organization depend on a sober workforce, so count on us for your post-accident drug testing needs. We strive to provide honest and sensibly priced drug screenings. Protect your liability with our rapid testing solutions.

The Necessity for Post-Accident Drug Testing

You uphold a high standard for quality service and competent personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to foster a culture of accountability within your workplace. Accidents happen for many reasons, but drugs should never be one of them. Our post-accident drug testing services were designed to quickly and efficiently determine whether the presence of controlled substances, such as THC, barbiturates, and methadone, influenced the involved parties. Your administrative and disciplinary options are simpler to manage when you count on our trusted technicians.

Prompt Post-Accident Alcohol Testing

Alcohol consumption has been proven to impair judgment and performance. Drinking and the operation of heavy machinery is always a deadly combination, so it is vital that your employees exercise proper judgment when they are on the clock. Our team is available for responsive post-accident alcohol testing. Utilizing urine tests and breath alcohol testing, our screenings determine whether your employees were under the influence of alcohol at the time of an accident.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

You depend on your employees to practice proper discretion when they are on the clock and working. If you suspect some of your employees are not complying with your company’s bylaws, we can help. Reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing is a useful tool for enforcing your organization’s drug-free and sobriety policies. As part of our mobile testing services, we travel directly to your location to administer the necessary screenings.

Precise DOT and Non-DOT Testing Services

Scanning the bar code on the tube in white medical lab by nurse

The Department of Transportation and its contracted affiliates require employees who are in “safety-sensitive” workplace scenarios to comply with various drug and alcohol policies. Simplify your drug screenings and count on our DOT testing services. We perform each examination in accordance with the Department of Transportation. We also offer non-DOT testing services for organizations that also maintain a high standard for personal cleanliness.

Protect your liability and contact us today to learn more about our 24/7 mobile response drug testing. We proudly serve clients in Cincinnati Ohio, as well as across the country.