Your Source for On-Site Drug Testing Services

You depend on your employees to live and work in a responsible manner. Without a trustworthy workforce, your productivity will drop and clients will begin to doubt your integrity. Preserve your company’s image, and the safety of your workplace with on-site occupational drug testing by Occwell. Our on-site employee health testing specialists provide drug and alcohol testing services in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as mobile drug testing services at locations all across the country.

Thanks to our nationwide screening network, we are able to meet your screening needs within your schedule and budget. We provide on-site occupational drug testing both at your location, and at our more than 6,000 DHHS-approved facilities. From small businesses to large corporations, the mobile and on-site employee health testing team understands that having a drug-free team is very important. Come to our business to learn more about how our mobile drug testing services can improve your company.

Occwell eliminates the hassle, and safety concerns, by coming directly to your office or facility to conduct safe, effective, and accurate screenings. When you hire our mobile testing services, your employees do not need to wait in a waiting room. We reduce downtime and streamline the screening process.

Benefits of On-Site Alcohol and Drug Screening

Simply put, on-site drug testing saves time, money, and risk. Your employees never have to leave the job site since we come directly to you. Since our tests only take six minutes, your employees save man-hours, which protects your bottom line. In addition, mobile testing services are conducted in a familiar setting each of your employees is accustomed to – their place of employment. This greatly reduces the liability inherent in driving off-site to a clinic.

Secure and Efficient Mobile Testing Services

Mobile testing services streamline your health and wellness initiatives while also upholding the integrity of your company policies and bylaws. They are safe and cost-effective. Occwell establishes secure collection sites on every job site, all while ensuring the industry standards of health, safety, and sanitation are closely observed. Our mobile testing services are available for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Post-Accident
  • Follow-up
  • Instant (Rapid Screen)

Mobile Drug Testing for a Cleaner Workplace

Routine drug screenings show shareholders, and the public, that you are committed to preserving a safe workplace. For this reason, our mobile drug testing services are available to organizations across the country. Our accurate screenings test for a wide variety of illicit drugs and substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, methadone, and opiates.

Mobile Alcohol Testing

Sobriety, especially in the presence of heavy machinery and sensitive procedures, is of utmost importance at any workplace. Our mobile alcohol testing services ensure your employees are fit for work. Whether as a routine practice or as a way to enforce reasonable suspicions, our responsive testing services are available whenever you need to host them.


Maintain the safety of your work environment and contact us to request more information about our on-site drug testing services. We serve companies nationwide, with emphasis in Cincinnati, Ohio.