Covering Your Staff with Nationwide Testing

Macro Globe Map DetailPersonal cleanliness and sobriety are the hallmarks of a competent workforce. You depend on your employees to make smart choices and work to the best of their ability. For this reason, Occwell hosts a nationwide testing in Cincinnati, Ohio, and more than 6,000 other clinics around the country. Our extensive collection site network ensures you have dependable access to drug screenings whenever you need them. Save time, money, and reduce the risk of liability with our accurate drug screening services.

Drug and alcohol testing is a simple and objective way to ensure your employees adhere to your terms of employment. It also builds confidence in your clients and shows them that your organization is committed to a culture of integrity and personal responsibility. When you work with us, you gain convenient access to a variety of screenings that test for common controlled substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Whether you need to host screenings as a condition for employment, or in order to enforce your company’s policies, we are available to help fulfill the mission of your organization.

Collection Site Network at Your Disposal

Pharmacist Woman Looking for MedicineWhether you are headquartered in a central location or must manage a team of remote workers across the nation, Occwell has you covered. We host a large connection site network across the United States. Our affiliate network includes more than 6,000 DHHS-approved facilities. Wherever you are located, Occwell is here to serve you.

Our site network makes it easy to manage the drug screening process for every member of your organization. For example, if your company is constantly moving, or has multiple locations, you can count on us to meet your occupational health needs. Handling the procedures and results of drug screenings should be a streamlined experience. When you work with us, you never have to micromanage between different clinics. Everything, from administration to evaluation and results delivery, is handled by our organization. Put simply, testing and collection are handled by one easy provider.

Convenient, Nationwide Testing Sites

Simplify your drug testing initiatives and ensure all of your employees are held accountable. Since we have drug screening sites all around the country, your employees are better equipped to report to you in the event of routine screening or post-accident reporting. Improve the quality of your workforce and request a service from our extensive drug screening network.

Ensure the integrity of your employees and contact us today to request our nationwide testing services. We proudly serve clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as throughout the country.