Keep Costs Low with an Employee Wellness Program

Health care costs are higher than ever — and they’re not getting any cheaper. That means increased costs for both employers and employees. But, by encouraging your employees to participate in a company-wide wellness program, including annual employee physicals, you can help keep the cost of employee health care benefits down — and enjoy increased productivity overall.

How? Well, employee wellness programs pay off in the form of lower health care costs, greater productivity, and fewer days of work missed per year, because employee wellness programs keep employees feeling their best. Wellness programs can help employees prevent chronic health conditions, and manage any conditions they already have.

Chronic diseases cost employers money in the form of time missed from work, increased health care costs, and reduced productivity. But diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and more are much easier to manage and treat when detected in their earliest stages. A company wellness program can encourage employees to seek the preventative care via annual employee physicals they need to begin treatment of chronic illnesses early.

Annual employee physicals are a crucial part of any company wellness program. When your employees get yearly physicals, you can cut your health care costs by more than 26 percent. Annual physicals are a vital way to detect chronic illnesses before they become serious, so that your employees get the treatment they need to stave off disability and serious symptoms.

Regular physicals keep your employees healthier by letting them know when they’re in danger of developing a chronic condition, so that they can make the lifestyle changes they need to make to stay healthy. And when your employees are healthy, that means they’ll miss fewer days of work and be more productive when they’re in the office.

Of course, because annual employee physicals play a crucial role in preventing illness, offering annual physicals to your employees can lower everyone’s health care costs. Your employees will be less stressed without so many medical bills to pay. Insurance premiums will be lower for everyone, and your company will have more money to spend on the perks and benefits that attract and keep the best candidates.

Cut your company’s health care costs without compromising the care you’re able to provide for employees. Call OccWell to learn more about administering annual employee physicals.