Inspire Your Employees with Annual Physicals

Annual Employee Physicals | Occwell.comOne of the reasons people let their health go is that they just don’t know what’s going on. Whether you are doing employee physicals to see if your team is able to handle certain tasks or are just doing it for health insurance reasons, providing employees with their numbers can help inspire a positive change.

Being confronted with bad health numbers – high cholesterol, blood pressure, or sugar numbers – can be jarring at first, but once a person understands the reality of the situation, it allows them to make a decision. Do they want to continue to walk down this unhealthy path? Most people do not. This is the time to help your team members improve themselves. After the physicals, you can offer health coaching and special deals on local gym memberships. This is also a perfect time to start health contests at your business. You can run weight loss contests, fun runs, and walking challenges to help inspire your team to better themselves.

When you are seeking assistance with annual employee physicals, you can rest assured that the team at Occwell will assist you. We offer nationwide services, coming to your location to help with physicals, as well as drug testing. Call us at (513) 453-4503 to request our services today!