Improve Your Business with Annual Employee Physicals

Did you know that healthy employees tend to contribute more to your business? It’s a fact! It doesn’t matter if you are running an office, own a retail store, or employing a wide array of physical laborers in a government organization, it’s important to make sure that you have healthy employees. Occwell is proud to provide annual employee physicals that let your team members know that you care about their health. With this service, you can help your employees make the right choices, not only for your business but for themselves!

People want to be healthy and annual employee physicals are a great way to help your staff members improve their health. An annual exam is an excellent way to track the health status of your employees, giving you valuable insights into the health of your staff. Once you have this information, you can start drafting health goals for your entire organization. Our business provides a wide array of specialty exams that can go with your annual employee physicals, including respiratory physicals, pulmonary function testing, hearing and vision screenings, blood draws, and respirator fit testing services.

When you choose our physical services, we will track weight, BMI, and height, as well as the blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar of your team. These exams can be administered as either a part of a wellness program or a condition for employment. Many businesses that have done physicals for years have noticed that the overall health of your staff will start to go up because the individuals are receiving this information and doing something about it. Once the health is up overall, you will begin to notice the difference.

When you want to start taking care of your staff with annual employee physicals, you can count on the team at Occwell to help you. We are based in Cincinnati, Ohio, but provide annual employee physicals and other services to businesses all over the country. Contact us and give your employees the knowledge they need to improve their health. Whether you are seeking services for your DOT business or just your tech company, our team is prepared to assist you!