How to Easily Reduce or Avoid Workplace Injuries at Your Business

workforce drug screening servicesEvery business owner or manager dreads the possibility of workplace injuries — and although they’re more common in industries that require physical labor from employees, they’re possible at any job in any industry. Doing what you can to prevent them or reduce the number and severity of injuries on the job will save your company money by keeping insurance costs and payouts low.

Do Regular Screenings

Intoxication on the job is a leading cause of injuries, so regular workforce drug screening services are a must to keep your employees focused and alert when on the job. Even if a staff member hasn’t taken drugs that day, frequently doing drugs can leave the toxins in their systems and impact their performance. If they know their jobs depend on regular, surprise screenings, they’ll be less likely to do drugs to begin with.

Perform Regular Physicals

In addition to regular screenings, ask that all employees get physicals on an annual basis. With OCC Well, we can even bring the mobile clinic to your place of business so everyone will get a physical on site. We’ll help your employee’s spot issues that could prevent them from performing their job in a safe manner.

Hold Regular Health Events

Ask the OCC Well experts to visit your place of business on a regular basis to host health events such as demonstrations to provide tips for working in a healthier, more productive way and exercising as a group to promote better health. Our experts can even advise you on healthier foods to keep stocked in the break room or cafeteria to encourage better eating.

Get in touch with OCC Well to learn more about how our mobile clinics and regular physicals can help you keep workplace injuries to a minimum. It’s a small, affordable investment that actually saves you money in the long term when you consider how much less likely your staff will be to get injured.