How Pre-Employment Physicals Benefit Your Company

Healthy employees mean a healthy company — it’s common sense. When your employees are in the best possible health, they’ll be happier and work harder. Plus, a healthier workforce keeps your company’s insurance costs down. But, how do you get there? More and more companies are administering health exams to employees before hiring.

Getting a basic idea of the health of your work force can be invaluable for the health of your business. Pre-employment physicals show your prospective employees that you care about their wellness and can give them information they can use to make vital lifestyle choices affecting their health. A pre-employment medical exam for every employee can be the perfect prelude to a voluntary employee wellness program.

As health care costs continue to skyrocket, more and more people are learning that prevention is the best cure for serious and chronic medical conditions. That’s why most employees will welcome the health information gleaned from a pre-employment exam, and use it to make the tough decisions they need to make in order to keep their own medical costs down. Those savings will spread to the company, too.

Pre-employment physicals also ensure that the candidates you’re considering are prepared for the physical demands of the job. This can be especially important for jobs that require heavy manual labor, dexterity, or the use of a breathing apparatus or mask that could restrict respiration. OccWell’s pre-employment exams can check the cardiac and respiratory health of candidates, as well as their hearing and vision.

Even if you’re not interested in a full-blown medical exam for incoming employees, you may want to require employees to undergo drug or alcohol tests post-offer. These tests ensure that other members of your workforce, not to mention your company’s reputation and business relationships, will be safe from the deleterious effects of drugs and alcohol on employee performance.

Depending on your industry and the specific requirements of the job at hand, you may want to require prospective employees to undergo a medical exam pre-employment to make sure they can meet the physical demands of the job. Pre-employment physicals can also help keep your company’s health care costs down by encouraging employees to participate in voluntary wellness programs. Show prospective employees you care about their health with help from OccWell.