How an Employee’s Alcoholism Impacts Your Business

employee alcohol testingEveryone has a life outside of work, and employers are typically uninterested in meddling with their staffs’ private lives. However, there are some life choices that bleed over into a person’s work life and can have a negative effect on your company. In the case of alcoholism, it’s absolutely your business to know which employees are not arriving to work sober and to take disciplinary action as needed.

Frequent Tardiness or Absences

One of the most common reasons for ordering employee alcohol testing through OCC Well is frequent tardiness or absences on the part of one or more employees. Alcoholism often makes people too sick to get to work on time or to attend work at all due to hangovers the next morning. Sometimes alcoholics have even started drinking again in the morning and lose track of time.

Lack of Focus

Even when an alcoholic isn’t currently imbibing, he or she will be jittery, ill, and eager for the next drink. That means when your employee is at the office, he or she is unfocused, and the work might get sloppy. He or she will take longer to complete assignments and the quality of the work may no longer be up to the same level it once was. You’ll be paying for an employee who’s not living up to potential.

Rudeness to Customers and Co-Workers

Alcoholism affects a person’s emotional state. It leads to more irritability and lashing out at those around the person — and when at work, that means at your other employees and your customers. A single negative act can lose your company an account.

Ask an OCC Well representative for more information on holding regular alcohol testing at your place of business. Because we can arrive in our mobile lab, we won’t interrupt the business’ daily operations or make it obvious to visiting clients what’s going on. Contact us now to arrange a testing.