Fast Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol TestingMaking sure that your employees are healthy and dedicated to the job is very important. An employee that is abusing drugs and alcohol can cause issues for you and your business. When you are seeking reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing services, you can rely on the occupational health and wellness specialists at Occwell. We provide fast and efficient services, making sure you have access to the drug and alcohol abuse info you need before it is unattainable.

Many businesses that have drug-free and sobriety policies don’t always do regular testing, so if you have reasonable suspicion that one of your employees is abusing a substance, you can choose our 24/7 mobile testing services. After contacting us, representatives from our business will travel to your location to administer the necessary screenings. It’s important that you perform this service as soon as possible, as certain substances may leave an employee’s system before you get an opportunity to see if they were not adhering to your policies while they are on the clock and working.

Whether there has been an accident or you just have a suspicion, you can hire the team at Occwell to assist your business. We are known for offering exceptional and precise services in a swift manner.