FAQs about Employee Drug Testing

workforce drug screening servicesSome workplaces are required to drug test job applicants before hiring them and for others, it is a choice. Many employers perform post-employment drug testing to enforce a zero-tolerance policy. A business that wants to start conducting employee drug screenings can contact a company that offers workforce drug screening services. Here are some frequently asked questions about employee drug testing.

What is the most common type? Pre-employment drug screening is the most common kind of drug screening conducted.

Which employers are required to perform drug testing before a person is hired? Federal companies are required to conduct pre-employment urine testing. For other companies, drug screening is optional.

Why do companies test for drugs? Before employment, the company protects itself from the negative effects of hiring a drug user. After employment, companies may conduct drug screening randomly, after accidents or with reasonable suspicion of drug use.

How many companies perform pre-employment drug testing? More than half conduct drug screening on potential employees.

What are the benefits of drug testing? Benefits include high productivity, less absenteeism, fewer accidents and low rates of turnover.

What are the different types of tests? The test that is used in the workplace most often is the urine test. It is the only method allowed by federal companies. Oral fluid testing is best at detecting any recent drug use and the person can be observed while it is collected which means no one can tamper with the specimen. Hair testing can detect drug use in the last 90 days and the donor can’t cheat on it.

Is drug testing effective? After a drug testing program is implemented, companies see a decrease in employees missing work, accidents involving worker’s compensation claims and turnover rates. Productivity increases after program initiation and the workplace is safer, meaning fewer accidents and an environment more conducive to employee morale and productivity. Companies that implement drug testing will find it has a positive impact and it is worth the investment.