Do You Suspect Drug Use in Your Employees? – Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

An Accident at Work Might Call for Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

In many states, employers aren’t allowed to randomly test for the use of drugs and alcohol. But when you have a reason to suspect that an employee is under the influence, you have the right to conduct testing in most states. An accident in the workplace is just such a reason.

Of course, some accidents can be chalked up to simple bad luck or carelessness. But others are the result of drug and alcohol use. Reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing can help you determine which accidents are which.

Why should you test employees for drug or alcohol use after an accident? In many jobs, employees who are under the influence present a serious safety hazard to themselves, their coworkers, and even innocent bystanders. Imagine a construction worker attempting to operate heavy machinery while drunk or high. That’s a recipe for chaos.

Reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing after an accident fosters an atmosphere of accountability among your employees, and that keeps everyone safe. Business can’t go on as usual when employees are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A sober workforce is a safe, efficient, and effective workforce.

Using drugs or drinking alcohol is well-known to not only impair performance but also to cloud judgment. When an accident happens on the clock, you need responsive, fast onsite drug and alcohol testing to make sure that substances haven’t been responsible for the mishap. At Occwell, we’re available around the clock to provide rapid, professional drug and alcohol testing services at the time and place an accident occurs.

Even if an accident has not occurred, you may still have the right to test an employee for drugs and alcohol under reasonable suspicion of use. Have you found a secretary slumped at the break room table, unresponsive or semi-responsive? She may be suffering from an acute medical condition, but along with emergency medical care, reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing is in order.

Of course, we also offer drug and alcohol testing services for those who work in positions that require adherence to strict drug and alcohol policies. Call Occwell today to learn more about reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing and discover how we can help you keep your workplace drug- and alcohol-free.