Boost Productivity with Occupational Health and Wellness

Traditional occupational health and wellness programs often include such things as health-related tests and screens, annual physicals, and even support for behavioral therapy. One easy and cost-effective way to improve your employee wellness program is by making it easier for your employees to exercise.

Many people say they would exercise more if they had more time. We’re all busy; most of your employees probably have spouses and children, homes to maintain, and interests outside of work to make time for. It’s not always easy to concentrate on occupational health and wellness issues.

More and more workplaces today are encouraging occupational health and wellness by allowing employees to use some of their work time to exercise. Others are offering exercise facilities on company property so that employees can more easily find time to exercise before or after work, or on their lunch breaks. Studies show that employees who spend at least two-and-a-half hours exercising each week are more productive, happier in their roles, more satisfied with the quality of their work, and less likely to get sick.

Perhaps one of the best ways to encourage employees to get more exercise is to offer exercise facilities on the premises. A company gym, complete with locker rooms, showers, and even a sauna or hot tub, makes life much easier for those employees who want to fit in a workout before work or at lunch. Alternatively, you could offer employees memberships at a nearby gym.

Another way to encourage more occupational health and wellness among employees is to start a company walking or running club. The club could go running during lunch breaks, or meet for a brisk morning walk before work. Company sports teams aren’t a bad idea, either. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to love playing team sports! Consider putting together a company softball, basketball, or volleyball team.

Yoga, Pilates, tai chi, and other group fitness classes are always popular. You could encourage employees to get up and get moving by offering a free lunch-hour yoga, tai chi, or aerobics class once a week. These classes can relieve stress and help your employees focus on their work more easily.

Employee wellness is company wellness, because healthy, happy employees are better able to produce good work and help the company grow. Establish or improve your employee occupational health and wellness program — call OccWell for help.