Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

On-site employee health testingMany employers are interested in workplace wellness programs. These may include health screenings, like for blood pressure and cholesterol. Some offer wellness information, like ways to help people reduce stress, stop smoking, or lose weight. Others offer health club memberships either free or at a reduced fee. On-site employee health testing is part of a workplace wellness program. Here are some benefits of these programs.

Employee Benefits

Employee health benefits include spending less money of doctor’s visits, co-pays, premiums, surgeries, medications, and procedures. A wellness program will help employees learn to lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress through coping strategies. Better health overall leads to better sleep, a better attitude and improved self-esteem.

As far as the job environment goes, a wellness program can help employees feel that the employer cares about them. Better health will make them more productive workers with fewer missed days because of illness or disability. This can lead to job security for the individual worker.

Also, the workplace will be safer and there will be a feeling of camaraderie because of the interaction with co-workers that is not related to work. Since health is a company goal, no one will feel alone and he or she will have support from others to help reach their goals.

Company Benefits

One of the main benefits of a workplace wellness program is financial. Workers that are healthy will be more productive and that increases value. They will also have fewer sick days and will not quit work due to a health issue. Overall, companies will pay less for worker’s compensation, disability and training to replacement workers.

A wellness program will increase worker morale since they see that the company is supporting a healthy workplace and working together with workers to improve their health. This can also improve the reputation of the company that can lead to higher qualified job seekers and better retention of employees.