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Reasons to Require Drug Testing Before Hiring

workforce drug screening servicesMost business owners and company managers don’t like being invasive when it comes to employees’ privacy, especially before a person has even officially become a member of the staff. However, when it comes to knowing whether or not a prospective employee tests positive for drug use, you absolutely should ascertain this before you let the person sign an employee contract.

Consider the benefits of a pre-hiring drug screening, especially if you hire a number of people at once.

It’s Easy to Make Happen

The workforce drug screening services we offer at OCC Well are available on a “pop up” basis via one of our mobile testing facilities. Arranging such a test is as simple as can be. Since we perform the tests in our mobile lab, we will not pose any disturbance to the running of your business. You can even have the test alongside a job fair where you plan to make offers of employment the same day.

It Results in a More Productive Work Environment

Employees who arrive on the job sober are more likely to produce better work. Drugs can not only make employees ill, but they can also disrupt focus and change their emotional state, which you don’t want clients and co-workers to be exposed to. It makes sense to require your staff to remain drug-free and to perform a test to ensure your new hires are of a like mind.

It’s Not Overly Invasive

When you rely on the experts to perform the drug tests, it’s minimally invasive. We collect a small sample in a matter of seconds and only share the results with you and the person receiving the test once she’s granted permission to share.

Contact OCC Well to learn more about pre-employment testing services that will ensure your company provides a more productive work environment. We also suggest regular tests of existing employees in case someone sobers up for the initial test only or someone turns to drugs at a later time.

How an Employee’s Alcoholism Impacts Your Business

employee alcohol testingEveryone has a life outside of work, and employers are typically uninterested in meddling with their staffs’ private lives. However, there are some life choices that bleed over into a person’s work life and can have a negative effect on your company. In the case of alcoholism, it’s absolutely your business to know which employees are not arriving to work sober and to take disciplinary action as needed.

Frequent Tardiness or Absences

One of the most common reasons for ordering employee alcohol testing through OCC Well is frequent tardiness or absences on the part of one or more employees. Alcoholism often makes people too sick to get to work on time or to attend work at all due to hangovers the next morning. Sometimes alcoholics have even started drinking again in the morning and lose track of time.

Lack of Focus

Even when an alcoholic isn’t currently imbibing, he or she will be jittery, ill, and eager for the next drink. That means when your employee is at the office, he or she is unfocused, and the work might get sloppy. He or she will take longer to complete assignments and the quality of the work may no longer be up to the same level it once was. You’ll be paying for an employee who’s not living up to potential.

Rudeness to Customers and Co-Workers

Alcoholism affects a person’s emotional state. It leads to more irritability and lashing out at those around the person — and when at work, that means at your other employees and your customers. A single negative act can lose your company an account.

Ask an OCC Well representative for more information on holding regular alcohol testing at your place of business. Because we can arrive in our mobile lab, we won’t interrupt the business’ daily operations or make it obvious to visiting clients what’s going on. Contact us now to arrange a testing.

The Benefits of Knowing: Employee Physical Examinations

pre-employment physicalsWhen it comes to a business’ employees, it’s incredibly important that not only are they physically healthy and capable but that they are mentally prepared to do the job they are getting hired for. This is why many companies will have pre-employment physicals conducted to assess those that they are interviewing for a specific position.

The examination will almost always focus on your physical well-being, so aspects like your hearing and vision will be checked as well as your respiratory system. In most cases, a general physical exam will be done to chart your height, weight, vision, hearing, and check things like your blood (blood sugar), cholesterol, blood pressure, and pulse rate.

These aspects will vary in importance as they are dependent on what is required of the job. For instance, a general laborer will need strength and an excellent respiratory system. With this said, there are a lot of benefits that these physical examinations offer companies, including:

  • Ensuring that there are no medical conditions of potential employees that would otherwise pose a risk or harm current hired employees.
  • Ensures that the potential hire will be compatible with the job that is being offered. This makes sure that the job will be done correctly and that the person will be able to handle it.
  • It will determine whether further testing is needed in other areas like physical ability tests which look at an employee’s grip and pull strength.
  • The blood test portion will alert the company of any potential employee that may do drugs or consume alcohol. This protects the company from a new hire doing this type of behavior on the job or showing up to the job incapacitated.

Finally, by having potential new hires take the pre-employment physicals, your company is setting the tone that the company does care about the health of its employees. Not only will this help diminish any underlying hazards within the infrastructure of the company, but it will help establish a healthy environment for all that work at the company. Physical examinations help companies assess and find the right hires for the job. There is no point in hiring someone who is not physically fit to do the heavy lifting, nor someone who cannot work well under a stressful environment.

How to Integrate Successful On-Site Wellness Programs

occupational health and wellness When you have healthy people running your business, not only are they more productive and happier but they cost you less money. By integrating on-site wellness programs into your company, you can reduce how much healthcare it costs to keep them as an employee, you can get a return on your investment into quality wellness programs and it’s been shown that a majority of health care costs that go out are for preventable diseases. So when a company is thinking about the occupational health and wellness of their employees, they need to be looking at what they can implement into their current business structure to enhance the health of their employees.

Healthy Integration: Building a Fit Company

Corporate wellness programs can include many different options like smoking cessation, weight loss and obesity prevention, blood pressure checkups and safe practices around sleeping, and stress management. A company can put healthy food options in and around the building and work together with wellness organizations to bring those food options in at an affordable rate. But when it comes to implementing these occupational health and wellness programs into the company, there are a few musts that need to happen:

  • Health screenings and education must be offered and they need to be voluntary. By helping your workers educate themselves about their health, not only can you understand your workforce better but they can become more productive and knowledgeable about themselves.
  • Link in wellness programs with your current support programs. If you have employee assistance for individuals who have situations that affect their work, tie in the wellness portions into these. Not only does this make them feel more comfortable reaching out but they will know that they are cared for as human beings not just as employees.
  • Develop your wellness program with what your employees are interested in and then embed it into the entire organizational structure of your company. Make it so that the programs are easy to get involved in by being something that your employees want.
  • Make sure that your company is health-conscious. This means has healthy food and drink options at every juncture in your company hallways. Provide employees with breaks where they must head out and walk for twenty minutes and so on and so forth.

Finally, make sure that your programs are practical and accessible to all employees. For instance, offer yoga classes during lunch or fitness challenges each month. Make sure that there is plenty of notice for wellness programs up and around your company, and promote work-life-play balance to all!

FAQs about Employee Drug Testing

workforce drug screening servicesSome workplaces are required to drug test job applicants before hiring them and for others, it is a choice. Many employers perform post-employment drug testing to enforce a zero-tolerance policy. A business that wants to start conducting employee drug screenings can contact a company that offers workforce drug screening services. Here are some frequently asked questions about employee drug testing.

What is the most common type? Pre-employment drug screening is the most common kind of drug screening conducted.

Which employers are required to perform drug testing before a person is hired? Federal companies are required to conduct pre-employment urine testing. For other companies, drug screening is optional.

Why do companies test for drugs? Before employment, the company protects itself from the negative effects of hiring a drug user. After employment, companies may conduct drug screening randomly, after accidents or with reasonable suspicion of drug use.

How many companies perform pre-employment drug testing? More than half conduct drug screening on potential employees.

What are the benefits of drug testing? Benefits include high productivity, less absenteeism, fewer accidents and low rates of turnover.

What are the different types of tests? The test that is used in the workplace most often is the urine test. It is the only method allowed by federal companies. Oral fluid testing is best at detecting any recent drug use and the person can be observed while it is collected which means no one can tamper with the specimen. Hair testing can detect drug use in the last 90 days and the donor can’t cheat on it.

Is drug testing effective? After a drug testing program is implemented, companies see a decrease in employees missing work, accidents involving worker’s compensation claims and turnover rates. Productivity increases after program initiation and the workplace is safer, meaning fewer accidents and an environment more conducive to employee morale and productivity. Companies that implement drug testing will find it has a positive impact and it is worth the investment.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

On-site employee health testingMany employers are interested in workplace wellness programs. These may include health screenings, like for blood pressure and cholesterol. Some offer wellness information, like ways to help people reduce stress, stop smoking, or lose weight. Others offer health club memberships either free or at a reduced fee. On-site employee health testing is part of a workplace wellness program. Here are some benefits of these programs.

Employee Benefits

Employee health benefits include spending less money of doctor’s visits, co-pays, premiums, surgeries, medications, and procedures. A wellness program will help employees learn to lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress through coping strategies. Better health overall leads to better sleep, a better attitude and improved self-esteem.

As far as the job environment goes, a wellness program can help employees feel that the employer cares about them. Better health will make them more productive workers with fewer missed days because of illness or disability. This can lead to job security for the individual worker.

Also, the workplace will be safer and there will be a feeling of camaraderie because of the interaction with co-workers that is not related to work. Since health is a company goal, no one will feel alone and he or she will have support from others to help reach their goals.

Company Benefits

One of the main benefits of a workplace wellness program is financial. Workers that are healthy will be more productive and that increases value. They will also have fewer sick days and will not quit work due to a health issue. Overall, companies will pay less for worker’s compensation, disability and training to replacement workers.

A wellness program will increase worker morale since they see that the company is supporting a healthy workplace and working together with workers to improve their health. This can also improve the reputation of the company that can lead to higher qualified job seekers and better retention of employees.

Fast Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing

Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol TestingMaking sure that your employees are healthy and dedicated to the job is very important. An employee that is abusing drugs and alcohol can cause issues for you and your business. When you are seeking reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing services, you can rely on the occupational health and wellness specialists at Occwell. We provide fast and efficient services, making sure you have access to the drug and alcohol abuse info you need before it is unattainable.

Many businesses that have drug-free and sobriety policies don’t always do regular testing, so if you have reasonable suspicion that one of your employees is abusing a substance, you can choose our 24/7 mobile testing services. After contacting us, representatives from our business will travel to your location to administer the necessary screenings. It’s important that you perform this service as soon as possible, as certain substances may leave an employee’s system before you get an opportunity to see if they were not adhering to your policies while they are on the clock and working.

Whether there has been an accident or you just have a suspicion, you can hire the team at Occwell to assist your business. We are known for offering exceptional and precise services in a swift manner.