About Us

The team here at Occwell believes that a truly successful company is one that promotes a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. With pre-employment physicals and workforce drug screening services, employees benefit from a safe, healthy, and fulfilling career, while employers benefit from increased production and profits. That is why, since 1998, we have been bringing our occupational on-site employee health testing and drug screening in-house to businesses around the country.

From drug and alcohol testing programs to wellness initiatives, we fulfill your occupational health needs. Our business knows how important it is to have a healthy staff, so we provide pre-employment physicals and on-site employee health testing services, as well as workforce drug screening services to make sure that everyone on your team is clearheaded and focused. Whether you need us quickly or want to make plans for large scale screening, we are prepared to assist you. Ask any questions you may have about our services and we will be happy to answer them!

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a healthy workplace by creating successful Drug and Wellness Programs to improve the quality of employees’ lives by creating sustainable healthful behaviors, while enhancing the employer’s bottom line.

Occwell was built on the premise that it saves lost work time, reduces risk, and increases profits by coming on-site to your facility for simple occupational health services like drug testing and health screens. No longer do employees have to leave work, drive to a clinic, and wait for a drug test that only takes minutes to perform. Meeting the requirements of your company’s Drug or Wellness Program is made easy when the services are brought to you!

Contact us today to learn how to address your company’s occupational health needs. We proudly serve clients throughout the country, with emphasis in Cincinnati, Ohio.