3 Tips for Making Your Business More Accessible for Employees With a Disability

pre-employment physicalsIf you currently employ or plan to hire people with disabilities, you know that they’re part of a well-rounded and vibrant working community. However, even if you have the best intentions, you may overlook things that could make your working environment uncomfortable or even inhospitable to the disabled people on your staff. Fortunately, it’s easier to make adjustments to your company environment than you might think.

Both pre-employment physicals and physicals performed on an annual basis afterward will help you gauge your employees’ current level of health and provide you with a better overall picture of how to approach healthier living initiatives on site. While it’s illegal to discriminate against prospective employees with disabilities, if a specific job requires physical activity, a physical performed ahead of time can help you determine with the job applicant if she’s suited for the work. If not, you may be able to readjust the typical requirements of the job to better suit her abilities.

Hold Wellness Programs

With the help of OCCWELL, plan on-site wellness programs to educate your staff about healthier living and making tasks less obtrusive for those with disabilities. We can discuss not only tips for when to assist a colleague with disability, but also tips for when not to be too intrusive.

Redesign as Necessary

The most common obstacle to a person performing his job when he has a disability is poor design choices that limit access. Work with health consultants to design rooms, desks and entryways with better access. For example, consider adding automatic doors and more space between desks.

Ask an OCCWELL representative what other measures you can take to make your working environment healthier and more comfortable for all your employees. In addition to outreach about disability requirements, we can also help you encourage healthier living among all employees with on-site testing and information about healthy living initiatives.