3 Signs Your Company Needs a Mobile Drug Testing Service

1No employer likes suspecting its staff of using drugs, but even when they use drugs entirely on their own time, the lingering effects of drug abuse and addiction can impact a person’s behavior at work the next day. You may test for drugs when you hire someone, but too often, companies fail to drug test after a person has begun working, which gives an addict adequate time to get clean to get hired and then go back to old habits. Watch for signs that your company needs a drug testing service and call one today.

A Lack of Productivity

Engage mobile drug testing services when you notice a general lack of productivity or suspect even one person of not doing their best possibly because of illegal substances. (In that case, even if it’s just one person you’re unsure about, you have to test everyone to be fair and not break any laws.) If things don’t get done as quickly as you’d like and everyone seems to lack energy, drugs could be the cause.

Frequent Absences and Tardiness

People who are dependent on drugs don’t always have the wherewithal to get to work on time or prioritize their jobs. If some people are often late or even gone entirely, they may be sick from doing drugs. With enough unexplained absences, you may have grounds to fire someone, but if it’s a widespread problem, it’s better to determine the cause.

Frequent Sickness

People with an addiction oftentimes appear sick and don’t get better within a few days or weeks. Red eyes, twitchiness, and other visible signs of illness might be cause enough to order drug tests.

An OCC Well representative would be happy to discuss the benefits of mobile drug testing for your company, as well as other initiatives to improve the health and wellness of everyone at your business. A healthier staff is a more productive staff. With onsite health and wellness program options, you won’t even experience much disruption to the typical work day.