3 Reasons to Invest in Regular Employee Drug Screenings

2Many employers consider drug screening an essential part of the hiring process, but too many forget about it once an employee has begun work. However, as part of an overall wellness program, it’s to your company’s benefit to have regular employee drug screenings. Talk with the experts to learn more.

Less Drug Use

With an onsite occupational health and wellness program in place, your employees will know that keeping their jobs depends on part in making the decision to avoid illegal substances. They’ll be healthier because they don’t use drugs. Plus, you’ll be able to catch those staff members who do drugs regularly and who just cleaned up for the hiring process, when everyone puts their best foot forward.

Better Productivity

Employees who don’t use drugs are clearer-minded and more productive. Even employees who only do drugs in their free time may show up for work with lingering effects from the drug. Non drug-users sleep better and are more focused, which means they’re both healthier and a better asset to your company.

Less Disruption

If you choose to work with on-site drug testing experts, there’ll be less disruption to the work day because no one will have to go to a doctor’s office to get tested. Plus, you won’t have to organize the paperwork and follow up with every individual employee like you would have had to do had you instructed them to get tested independently.

Consult with an OCC Well representative to learn more about on-site drug testing and how it’s just a small part of a bigger health and wellness program. The representative will also be able to give you a reasonable timeline for how often these screenings should be a part of your business, as too often can lower company morale. At the same time, though, knowing you test regularly for drugs is likely to encourage your employees to make healthier decisions.