3 Important Reasons to Have Pre-Employment Physicals for a Job That Involves Physical Labor

annual employee physicalsWhen looking to quickly fill warehouse, factory, construction, delivery, or other jobs that involve a lot of physical labor, it’s not uncommon to hold job fairs and hire new employees by the dozens or even hundreds. However, regardless of the contracts you have to make good on, it’s worthwhile to hire experts to perform pre-employment physicals before you actually offer a person a job or during a trail period before you fully commit to hiring them.

Avoiding Injuries

In addition to regular annual employee physicals to make sure a person’s capability to perform a job hasn’t changed, you need to know if a job applicant is capable of performing the tasks associated with the job before the work even begins. A person incapable of lifting the required amount of weight, standing for long periods or bending over when necessary is more likely to get injured on the job — which will cost your company a sizeable amount of money for settlements, increased premiums, and hiring someone to step in.

Avoiding Delays

Employees who are incapable of working at the pace you set as standard for the entire facility will slow down your company’s abilities to meet deadlines and deliver products or services as promised. It’s not just about a person’s ability to perform a task once, but her ability to perform the task for hours at a time in the long term. A physical will help you catch potential obstacles to that.

Ensure Healthier Employees

A healthier pool of employees typically translates to lower health premiums. Incentivize good health choices, such as eating better and exercising more, with regular examinations, beginning before an employee even starts working for your company.

OCCWell makes adding physical examinations to the employee search process a breeze. With fully functional labs and clinics we can take on the road, we can even come to a job fair and become a part of the fast hiring process so you’ll know even by the end of the day whether your batch of new recruits will work out for you. Call us today to learn more.